Board of Directors Meeting

Monday, April 3, 2017
Regular meeting at 6:00 p.m.



I. Call to Order
The meeting was called to order at 6:05 PM.

II. Roll Call
Members present: Larry Johnston, Jiselle Kenny (arrived 6:12 PM), Kirk Stapp, Bill Taylor, John Wentworth
Members absent: Lindsay Barksdale
Staff: Jennifer Halferty, Executive Director and Patricia Robertson, Grant & Financial Associate
Public: Tom Hodges, MMSA and Ruth Traxler, Associate Planner, Town of Mammoth Lakes

III. Public Comments
Tom Hodges announced that he attended the Housing Working Group kick-off meeting, which was well attended by a great cross-section of the community. It was very encouraging. He thinks that the study is well-timed since it’s been five years since the last update and there is clearly a big need.

IV. Approval of minutes from March 6, 2017 Regular Board meeting
Bill Taylor made a motion to approve the minutes. Larry Johnston seconded the motion. The motion passed 4-0.

V. Board Member reports
John Wentworth proved an update regarding the subcommittee on appropriation of Measure 2002A political commitments. He stated that he Councilmember Colin Fernie were working to put together a paper trail of all of the past initiatives. As part of this discovery process they would speak with former councilmembers to understand the intentions of the initiatives. They will also speak with representatives from the NGO boards. Once they have finished this process they will bring the information to a budget workshop with the remaining members of the Town Council and provide a recommendation.

Larry Johnston gave an update regarding transient rental overlay districts within the county. He explained that there are two types of transient rentals: Type 1 which is an owner-occupied rental which required a conditional use permit and Type 2 which is a vacant rental and requires a General Plan amendment. Previously there had been a moratorium on all new transient rentals, but the Board of Supervisors voted to terminate the moratorium for Type 1 rentals at their last meeting. Mono County staff was directed to do more analysis on a General Plan amendment that would allow Type 2 transient rentals in all zones to present at a future meeting.

Kirk Stapp mentioned that there will be a March for Science in Yosemite on April 21st. There may also be one in Bishop.

VI. MLH monthly status report
Jennifer Halferty, Executive Director, noted that 2 deed restricted ownership units closed escrow during the month of March. Staff is also working with an interested homebuyer on another deed restricted unit. Larry Johnston noted that 2 of the deed restricted units have helped to fill the gap for the 120% AMI segment of our community.

She announced that the Strategic Growth Council released draft guidelines for the Affordable Housing & Sustainable Communities program. One change of note is that they are scaling back the concept application process. They are scheduled to approve the draft guidelines at their June 1st meeting.

Jennifer Halferty underscored that the town’s apartment vacancy rate for 2017 is basically 0% and that the 3 year average is less than 1%.

She explained that the Town released FY 15/16 actuals and they spent less than 1/3 of the voter-approved 1% of transient occupancy tax (TOT) for housing.

VII. Update on State affordable housing bills, President Trump’s proposed HUD budget and possible action to recommend to the Town Council the Town of Mammoth Lakes support California SB2, SB3 and AB 71
Jennifer Halferty, Executive Director, highlighted the benefits that the town has received from the federal programs CDBG and HOME to illustrate the potential impact to the community of President Trump’s proposed budget cuts to HUD. These programs have created a lot units (14% of the total apartment stock), helps a lot of households rent and purchase homes, provided technical assistance, created multi-use paths, etc. Jiselle Kenny asked when the down payment assistance program began, and Jennifer Halferty explained that it started in 2006.

Jennifer Halferty went on to note that there are currently more than 100 bills related to housing moving through the State legislature at this time. She explained that SB 2 is a bill that generates a permanent source of funding for affordable housing by charging a document recording fee. Additionally, SB 3 proposes bonding for affordable housing. Lastly, AB 71 would eliminate the mortgage interest deduction for second homes and generate funding for affordable housing.

Larry Johnston moved to send a letter of support from the MLH Board regarding both SB 2 and SB 3 as well as request that the Town Council do the same. Jiselle Kenny seconded the motion. The motion passed 5-0.

VIII. Mammoth Lakes Community Housing Action Plan; Live, Work, Thrive update
Jennifer Halferty explained that more than 30 people attended the Housing Working Group kick-off meeting on March 15th. That same night the consultants presented at Town Council. The consultants and MLH are currently working on getting focus groups and discussion sessions organized for the visit on April 12th and 13th. Mammoth Lakes Housing will also hold a discussion group for Spanish-speaking hospital employees on April 10th. The Town/County survey is now live and you can find it on the Live, Work, Thrive website at

Kirk Stapp asked for clarification regarding the term “annexation” in the revised scope of work. What is the process for this and is it feasible? John Wentworth noted that perhaps the term should be changed to “acquire.” Staff will seek clarification from the consultant.


I. Pursuant to Government Code Section 54956.8, the Board will hold a closed session to discuss property negotiations and possible staff directions and/or action – APN 205-005-000-000

Property: 1700 Old Mammoth Road, #G105
Negotiating Parties: Jennifer Halferty representing MLH (prospective buyer); Nathan Taylor (Owner)
Under Negotiation: Terms of sale

Announcement of action taken in closed session:
The Board voted 4-0 to purchase the home located at APN 205-005-000 during one of the available options to purchase. Bill Taylor recused himself.

IX. Adjourn
The meeting was adjourned at 7:20 PM.