Board of Directors Meeting
Thursday, August 6, 2009
6:00 p.m.
Mammoth Lakes Housing Conference Room
587 Old Mammoth Rd.


I. Call to Order

II. Roll Call
MEMBERS PRESENT: Bill Taylor, Byng Hunt, Jim Smith for Rusty Gregory, Kirk Stapp, Neil McCarroll, and Rob Clark
MEMBERS ABSENT: Sandra Facincani
STAFF: Pam Hennarty and Jennifer Halferty

III. Public Comments
Under Government Code Section 54954.2b2 the Board voted 6-0 to add urgency item relating to the fiscal year 2009-2010 Town – Mammoth Lakes Housing contract for services. Town Manager and MLH Board member, Rob Clark informed the Board that the Town Council is using their consultant, MTRIP’s recommendation of reducing the TOT projections for the current budget year from 2009 actual by seven percent (7%) which is a $41,500 shortfall to the MLH – Town contract. Council has requested the MLH Board to recommend how the contract should be funded, if at all, to fill the $41,500 shortfall. The Options include; using $30,000 in Measure A reserves; using the Housing Trust Fund for the specific purpose of monitoring existing affordable housing stock, or cut this year’s contract. Bill Taylor motioned to allocate $41,500 from the Housing Trust Fund to pay for monitoring of the Town’s existing affordable housing stock. Byng Hunt seconded with all in favor for a 6-0 vote.

IV. Approval of Minutes from the July 2, 2009 BOD Meeting
Minutes approved as presented. Neil McCarroll moved, Rob Clark seconded with all in favor for a 6-0 vote.

V. Board Member Reports
Board member Byng Hunt reported that the County’s road money (HUTA) will remain under the State budget.

VI. Agency Review
a. Executive Director’s Report
• Staff has completed and submitted Community Development Block Grants for the City of Bishop (Homebuyer Assistance) and the Town of Mammoth Lakes (Owner Occupied Rehab & Homebuyer Assistance)
• HOME application for both Mono County and the Town of Mammoth Lakes (Homebuyer Assistance)
• Waiting to hear on the 20 agency consortium application for Neighborhood Stabilization Program (NSP) funding. If awarded these funds will be used to buy, rehab and resell foreclosed/REO properties as well as for land banking REO vacant land in the Town of Mammoth Lakes. These funds are to serve households at or below 120% of the Area Median Income and come with a developer fee and administration funds.
• Staff has interviewed applicants for the Administrative Assistant position and is waiting for final word on budget items before offering the position. Not surprisingly there were quite a number of well qualified applicants
• Auditor will be working in the office next week on MLH annual Single Audit Report.
i. Aspen Village
Three households have closed and moved into the complex. Final Certificate of Occupancy has been obtained. There are insurance challenges due to lack of occupancy and insurance designation of the area as “brush”. Staff and the insurance agent are working with Thom Heller to get that corrected. The Board request that a tenant be moved into one of the other buildings for added security. Tenant is responsible for utilities, security deposit and a year’s lease using the CAR lease form. Executive Director, Pam suggested one of MLH staff which they agreed to.

VII. Review of Draft 2008/2009 Year End Financial Statements
Board member Jim Smith requested a cash flow budget for the Aspen Village Townhomes for the budget year.

VIII. Update of Peer Inclusionary Housing Review
The committee is planning to meet again in two weeks and review Ellen and Pam’s data on peer community inclusionary policy review.

IX. Review and Approval of 2009/2010 Contract for Services with Mono County
Neil McCarroll motioned to approve the execution of County – MLH contract for fiscal year 2009 – 2010. Rob Clark Seconded and the motion passed 6-0 with all in favor.


X. Pursuant to Government Code Section 54957, the Board will enter into closed session to discuss an evaluation of performance of the Executive Director


No Action Taken

XI. Adjourn