Board of Directors Meeting

Monday, August 6, 2018
Meeting at 6 p.m.



I. Call to Order: The meeting was called to order at 6:05 PM.

II. Roll Call
Members present: Lindsay Barksdale, Stacy Corless, Zoraya Cruz, Tom Hodges, Jiselle Kenny, Donna Mercer
Members absent: Kirk Stapp, John Wentworth
Staff: Patricia Robertson, Acting Executive Director

III. Public Comments
Ruth Traxler, Associate Planner with the Town of Mammoth Lakes made the following comments:
a) The Town is hiring a CivicSparks Fellow to work on Housing Action Plan implementation;
b) The RFP for the Housing Coordinator was re-released;
c) The Town is interested in MLH’s application for HOME funding at 238 Sierra Manor Road.

Grady Dutton, Public Works Director for the Town of Mammoth Lakes, commented that an update on the The Parcel will be on the agenda for the Town Council at their August 15th meeting.
Forest Roberts commented that he is interested in creating a tiny home community.

IV. Approval of Mammoth Lakes Housing, Inc. Resolution 18-08: Honoring Bill Taylor
Tom Hodges read Resolution 18-08 into the record. Lindsay Barksdale made a motion to approve Resolution 18-08. Jiselle Kenny seconded the motion. The motion passed 6-0.

V. Approval of Mammoth Lakes Housing, Inc. Resolution 18-09: Appreciation of Outgoing Executive Director, Jennifer Halferty
Stacy Corless read Resolution 18-09 into the record. Tom Hodges made a motion to approve Resolution 18-09. Lindsay Barksdale seconded the motion. The motion passed 6-0.

VI. Approval of minutes from the July 2, 2018 regular Board meeting
Lindsay Barksdale made a motion to approve the minutes. Zoraya Cruz seconded the motion. The motion passed 6-0.

VII. Update and possible Board action on MLH Staffing and Capacity
The Board identified Board members to assist staff in the preparation of a special meeting item regarding recruitment of the Executive Director.

VIII. Update of MLH – Town of Mammoth Lakes draft contract
Patricia Robertson explained that the ad-hoc contract negotiations committee had met twice. Tom Hodges explained that the contract committee asked for a more detailed analysis regarding the amount of time currently spent on the Town contract and the additional time/cost associated with the new contract draft deliverables. Staff will complete this analysis and schedule a meeting with the Town and MLH representatives.

IX. Approval of Mammoth Lakes Housing, Inc. Resolution 18-10 Approving the Creation of an Ad-Hoc Nominations Committee
Jiselle Kenny made a motion to approve Resolution 18-10 creating an Ad-Hoc Nominations Committee. Donna Mercer seconded the motion. The motion passed 6-0.

X. Appointment of the Ad-Hoc Nominations Committee
The Board appointed Jiselle Kenny and Tom Hodges to the Ad-Hoc Nominations Committee.

XI. Review & possible direction on the 2015 Town of Mammoth Lakes Workforce Housing Amenity and Design Standards
The Board discussed the Workforce Housing Amenity and Design Standards developer mitigation units. Tom Hodges asked if the Town would be required to meet these minimum standards for workforce housing developed on The Parcel. Sandra Moberly, Planning and Economic Development Director for the Town of Mammoth Lakes, noted that these standards only apply to mitigation units. Donna Mercer commented that minimum bedroom size was important. Lindsay Barksdale noted that the existence of outdoor storage was critical. It was confirmed that like the fee structure, the Amenity and Design Standards can be amended via Town Council resolution. The Board agreed that the standards should be reviewed along with the mitigation ordinance as part of the Housing Action Plan implementation.

XII. Update on The Parcel, formerly known as the Shady Rest Parcel, for workforce housing owned by the Town of Mammoth Lakes – informational item
Grady Dutton, Town of Mammoth Lakes, previously noted during public comment that an update would be provided at the August 15th Town Council meeting.

XIII. Board Member reports
Lindsay Barksdale reported that she passed along a grant application from the Eastern Sierra Community Bank to staff, and that staff submitted a request for funding.

Tom Hodges explained that he had received some concerns regarding the MLH application for HOME funding for the rehabilitation of 238 Sierra Manor Road from the Town. He asked if there was a required match and what the budget for the project was. Patricia Robertson explained that there was no match requirement with the HOME program and that the draft budget for the project was drafted utilizing the same project budget for the CDBG application for the same project. The application is due on August 23rd.

Tom Hodges also explained that he has been advocating for developers to utilize the air space in the commercial zone to develop small, mixed use developments.

Stacy Corless announced that the Board of Supervisors would be holding a joint meeting regarding housing with the Planning Commission in September. The Board has approved the deed restricted sale of the Birch Creek mitigation unit and will also discuss deed restricting the sale of the Daivson property at their meeting tomorrow, August 7th.

XIV. MLH Monthly Status Report
Patricia Robertson explained that tenant’s rights calls have increased with many tenants explaining that their landlords are choosing to sell or to do nightly rentals. She also announced that the Town received a CDBG award for mortgage assistance and a rehabilitation program. Staff is working with the Town on the set up of the grant.

The Board rescheduled the September meeting to September 10th at 6 PM. They agreed to ask the Town Council for a joint meeting on that day.

XV. Adjourn: The meeting was adjourned at 8:10 PM.