Board of Directors Meeting

Monday, December 3, 2018
Meeting at 6 p.m.



I. Call to Order: The meeting was called to order by President Kirk Stapp at 6:05

II. Roll Call
Members Present: Lindsay Barksdale, Stacy Corless, Zoraya Cruz, Tom Hodges, Jiselle Kenny, Richard Plaisted, Kirk Stapp, Agnes Vianzon John Wentworth
Staff Present: Patricia Robertson, Executive Director, Diane Doonan Grant & Financial Associate

III. Public Comments
No comments were made by the public.

IV. Approval of minutes from the October 1, 2018 regular Board meeting.
A motion was made by Stacy Corless to approve the regular Board meeting minutes of October 1, 2018, as written, and seconded by Jiselle Kenny. The motion passed 6-0 with abstentions by Lindsay Barksdale, Agnes Vianzon, and Richard Plaisted.

V. Approval of minutes from the November 5, 2018 regular Board meeting.
John Wentworth moved to approve the November 5, 2018 regular board meeting minutes as written, which was seconded by Zoraya Cruz. The motion passed 9-0.

VI. Community Housing Summit:
Patricia Robertson provided a summary report on the recent Housing Summit in Mammoth Lakes. She noted the breakout sessions on the key topics of employee housing and the prioritization of strategies from the Community Housing Action Plan. As an event organizer, John Wentworth also commented on the availability of all the meeting notes, well filmed video of all presentations, and public comments, on the Town of Mammoth website.

VII. Home Buyer Assistance Program:
Members Kirk Stapp and John Wentworth recused themselves from this item. Patricia Robertson explained that she has been directed by the Town Manager that future requests for project funding, specifically from the TOT fund housing set-aside, should be brought to the Town Council as a recommendation/request from the MLH Board. Consequently, Patricia is requesting the Board support a request for $110,000 to establish a pilot project expanding the Homebuyer Assistance Program to households meeting the 81-120% area median income criteria. Homebuyer Assistance was the top priority in the CHAP, and the fifth of eight priorities in the recent Housing Summit. Also, the federally funded programs assisting 80% AMI households are well established and well utilized. The 81%-120% down payment assistance program guidelines have been in the works by MLH since 2015, though not funded to date. In brief summary, a household could receive 10% or up to $50,000 purchase assistance as a silent secondary loan, accruing 3% interest over a 30 year loan term.

Board members discussed a number of questions and concerns. Robert Plaisted noted that he did not feel the projected 2 households to be served was enough public benefit, versus work on The Parcel for example, and had concerns about a potential market downturn and short sales. Lindsey Barksdale and others were concerned that the pilot project recommendation did not include deed restrictions, due to the additional time and legal cost required to develop appropriate documents and in processing. Tom Hodges noted the high demand in the 2017 Needs Assessment, and felt a more fair selection process, like a lottery, may be appropriate given the likely high demand. He had concerns about requiring deed restrictions on units purchased at market price, but thought the public benefit was still significant. Stacy Corless noted the potential for the pilot to be replicated in the County or other jurisdictions, and the high priority of this assistance to the public.

Sandra Moberly from the Town Community Development Department was called upon to discuss the process of requesting housing project funds, coordination with staff, and the potential of private investment as noted at the Housing Summit. Public comment was heard from Jennifer Halferty and Sandy Hogan supporting the inclusion of deed restrictions in the program implementation if possible.

Tom Hodges moved that the Board recommend to Town Council the funding and implementation of a down payment assistance program for households earning between 81-120% of the area median income. Implementation should address deed restrictions and potential procedures in the event of a short sale action. Agnes Vianzon seconded the motion. The motion passed 6-1 with Richard Plaisted opposed.

VIII. Local Capacity Building:
Patricia Robertson addressed the Board on the availability of a grant from CA Coalition for Rural Housing Rural West Internship Program for Diversity in Nonprofit Housing and Community Development which would support the hiring and training of a housing/community development intern for one year. After discussion and public comment from Jennifer Halferty in support of this strong program, John Wentworth moved to direct staff to proceed with an application to the Rural West Internship Program. It was seconded by Kirk Stapp and passed 9-0

IX. Chamber of Commerce Housing Action Plan:
Patricia Robertson summarized recent Mammoth Lakes Chamber of Commerce needs assessments related to housing and their request to establish a Steering Committee, including MLH Board members and Patricia, to address employee housing specific actions. Mammoth Chamber of Commerce Executive Director spoke to the Board about the Chamber’s perceived need for action, and a desire to hire or contract with a person to address employee housing tasks from the CHAP and Housing Summit. Several Board members expressed their support for collaborating with the Chamber. Stacy Corless nominated Zoraya Cruz and Agnes Vianzon to the proposed Steering Committee with a motion. The motion was seconded by John Wentworth and passed 9-0.

X. The Parcel Update
Patricia Robertson updated the Board on her activities relating to The Parcel and the ongoing planning meetings. Notably, the Town will release a Request for Proposals for planning and development consultants this month, and Town staff have recommended to the Town Council the hiring of two new employees with major responsibilities related to The Parcel planning. One employee would be in the Public Works – Engineering Department, and the second in the Community Development-Planning Department. This item will be considered by the Council December 5. Lastly, another firm, Bang the Table, has been retained to assist with the public engagement portion of planning.

XI. Review and accept the June 30, 2018 Audit Statements
Patricia Robertson presented the Final Audit and Financial Statements for Fiscal Year ending June 30, 2018. There were no audit findings. She noted the substantial increase in assets due to the purchase of 238 Sierra Manor Road during the year. Stacy Corless and Kirk Stapp commended her for successfully completing the audit process. Kirk Stapp moved to accept the 2017/2018 Final Combined Financial Statements and Auditor’s Report. Lindsey Barksdale seconded the motion and it was passed 9-0.

XII. Strategic Planning Update
Patricia Robertson updated the Board on the Strategic Planning process underway with Fresh Tracks. Dates for the first two sessions are set for January 31, 2019, 8:00-12:00, and February 1, 8:00-12:00. The location for these two sessions and the final February date are still to be determined. Board members are requested to complete the Doodle date setting email if possible.

XIII. MLH Monthly Update
Patricia Robertson reviewed her work and housing data for the month. She noted that two homebuyer assistance loans were closed in November, including a CalHome Reuse loan, which was appreciated by Board members. Also one rental vacancy was filled and Patricia conducted the most well-attended Homebuyer Education Workshop to date. In regards to the Town of Mammoth Lakes/MLH administration contract, MLH legal counsel had substantive comments on the contract language, so it will be brought before the Board by the Contract committee again before finalization.

XIV. Board Member Reports
Tom Hodges commented on completing the strategic planning interview, which was quite comprehensive, progress on the MLH/Town contract negotiations, work on MMSA’s employee housing project on Arrowhead Drive, and great snow conditions.
Stacy Corless reported that Mono County is considering a bid for affordable housing development on the County owned Davidson Street location.

John Wentworth reminded members they could review the presentations from the Housing Summit now on the Town of Mammoth Lakes website.

Jiselle Kenny raised a discussion question about advertising the possibility of turning Short Term Rentals into Long Term Rentals. She noted that she receives ads on converting her unit to a nightly rental, and wondered if the opposite would be effective.

Kirk Stapp commented on his concern at the Mammoth Town Council regarding multiple requests, including housing requests, for a finite pot of funding.

John Wentworth reported on the Town’s Single Nightly Rental policy review, which generated public comment from Sandy Hogan regarding the Nightly Rental ballot measure in South Lake Tahoe.

XV. Adjourn The meeting was adjourned at 8:06.