Board of Directors Meeting

Tuesday, December 6, 2016
Special meeting at 3:00 p.m.



I.    Call to Order
The meeting came to order upon the arrival of a quorum of the Board at 3:14 p.m.

II.    Roll Call
Members present were Larry Johnston, Kirk Stapp, Bill Taylor and John Wentworth; Lindsay Barksdale and Jiselle Kenny were absent, as previously announced.
Staff Present:  Jennifer Halferty, Executive Director; Anita Hatter (for Patricia Robertson)

III.    Public Comments

IV.    Downtown Revitalization workshop (3 – 4 PM)
Board members participated in a workshop with Darin Dinsmore of Dinsmore Sierra LLC, who described the public process he was facilitating regarding the Downtown Revitalization.  He introduced the on-line tool, noting that the purpose was to get the community thinking about the downtown area of Mammoth Lakes.  He introduced the survey and presented the early results.  There was conversation among members of the Board and Mr. Dinsmore regarding the potential of incorporating some of the history of the Shady Rest parcel, as well as the feasibility of utilizing Cap and Trade funds to finance affordable housing on the parcel, with the website materials.  There was conversation about the creation of the Hart-Howerton concept, and an emphasis that it was not a “plan” because it was not created via a public process.  Members expressed concern about what was represented in the Hart-Howerton graphics versus the conceptual issues.  Members expressed concern about the phrasing of the survey question regarding what would be desirable on the Shady Rest parcel.  There was conversation regarding the need to update the Housing Needs Assessment Study; the potential for including housing above commercial properties; impacts of the Airbnb and vrbo-type rentals on long-term rental availability; the need for affordable housing beyond might be located on the Shady Rest Parcel; the need for livable housing for families; the potential for reducing construction costs with new technology; neighborhood “animation” created by residents; the need for walkable neighborhoods, and the potential to use Cap & Trade funding.  Mr. Dinsmore offered to include the rendition of the Shady Rest site prepared by MLH and the Dahlin group as part of his future presentations and workshops on Downtown, in order to obtain feedback on the concept.

V.    Walk, Bike & Ride workshop (4 – 5 PM)
Members of the Board participated in a study session with the Recreation Commission, during which a consultant from Alta Design, Jeff Olsen, presented a powerpoint on strategies to improve non-car mobility in town.  There was discussion of identifying areas in Town that were not designed with walking in mind.  There was discussion of the need for secure bike racks and storage; the need to provide enhanced Fire Department access to neighborhoods with many culs –de sac; the need for multi-use paths to connect recreational amenities, so that kids can be independent in reaching them; where carparks should be located to be most effective in reducing vehicle traffic; how to eliminate the daily traffic jam of parents driving their children to school, rather than utilizing the bus system; the potential for parking structures to have more than one use, e.g., a performance space on the top level; the growth of “winter-biking”; car sharing; bike-sharing; and how best to make incremental improvements.

VI.    Adjourn
The Board meeting was adjourned at 4:54 p.m.