Board of Directors Meeting

Monday, February 13, 2006
6:00 p.m.

Mammoth Lakes Housing, Inc. Office
587 Old Mammoth Rd. #5
(Ground Floor Sherwin Plaza 3)


I. Call to Order

II. Roll Call
Members Present: Mark Carney (via phone), Byng Hunt, Kirk Stapp, and Rob Clark
Members Absent: Rusty Gregory
Others Present: Peter Denniston, MMSA

III. Public Comments
No Public Comments

IV. Update on Current Projects and Activities
Review and discussion of Projects including:
· Meridian Court set to sell May 2006
· Aspen Village Apartments to be completed summer 2006
· Intrawest/4B’s grading is complete. Construction to begin summer 2006.
· The Jeffreys (Lupin & Dorrance projects) have the same funding sources and will go before Planning March 22.
· Garage on Oaktree goes before Planning May 10th. Garage entrance is planned to be off Sierra Center Mall’s lot.
· Manzanita will be constructed by Neubauer– Jennison, scheduled for 2007
· Park & Ride is financed. Looking for an experienced developer and will begin interviews soon.
· MLH Homebuyer Assistance Program is progressing well. Ana will be holding an educational lender luncheon February 21 at Whiskey Creek to help prepare for the sale of Meridian Court condos and future projects.
· Mono County Homebuyer Assistance Program is awaiting Mono County Board of Supervisors’ approval of guidelines. The MLH Board has requested Andrea Clark work with County staff and Board to change the allocation of funds for this program from 70% County housing/ 30% Town housing to a rate based on population.

V. Discussion and Possible Action Regarding Use of Housing Mitigation Funds
· Discussion of possibilities regarding use of mitigation funds received from Mammoth 8050, including additional financial support of the Oaktree garage project, purchase of land for future development and homebuyer loan leverage.
· The BOD requested the item be placed on a future agenda along with developed scenarios for its use.

VI. Discussion of the Town of Mammoth Lakes Community Services Initiative.
· Two separate measures are on the June Ballot: T.O. T & Sales Tax. The sales tax allocates monies for dispatch/EOC, library, local childcare, workforce housing and transit/transportation. The TOT measure is a one percent increase solely for transportation.
· A 50 percent yes vote is needed to pass each measure.
· MLH will only provide information on the initiative.
· A MLH annual report to the public was suggested as a method to inform the general public of the organizations accomplishments, goals and objectives.

VII. Discussion and Possible Action Regarding Potential Revisions to the Town Housing Mitigation Ordinance
· Discussion of possible approaches to decreasing the PAOT with regard to the General Plan Update and the Town Housing Mitigation Ordinance.
· No action taken


VIII. Pursuant to Government Code Section 54957, the Board will hold a closed session to conduct an evaluation of performance of the Executive Director.

Pursuant to Government Code Section 54956.9, subdivision (b) the Board will hold a conference with legal counsel with regard to one case of threatened litigation.

No action taken

IX. Discussion and Possible Action Regarding the Aspen Village at Mammoth Creek Town Home Project and Requests of the Snowcreek IV HOA Board
· Board recommended the organization continue to work with the Snowcreek IV Board, but decline to grant the specific request regarding enforcement of the Snow Management Plan.

X. Adjourn