Board of Directors Meeting

Monday, February 7, 2011
6:00 p.m.

Mammoth Lakes Housing Conference Room
587 Old Mammoth Rd.

I. Call to Order

II. Roll Call
Members present: Bill Taylor, Kirk Stapp, Rick Wood,
Rob Clark,
Members absent: Sandra Facincani, Byng Hunt, Jim Smith
Staff: Jennifer Halferty, Pam Hennarty
Public: Leigh Gaash, Larry Johnston

III. Public Comments
Leigh Gaash commended MMSA for the clearing of snow on their employee housing site in the Sierra Valley Sites.

IV. Approval of Minutes from the January 3, 2010 BOD Meeting
Minutes approved as presented, motion for approval by Rob Clark, Rick Wood second with all in favor.

V. Review of Fiscal Year 2010-2011 Second Quarter Financial Statements
Board reviewed the financials and no action was taken.

VI. Discussion regarding Town of Mammoth Lakes/ Hot Creek Litigation
The Town Council is seeking a hearing from the Supreme Court on their lawsuit with Hot Creek. Rick Wood emphasized that all essential services will be maintained and there would be now new taxes. It is estimated that the Town will not hear back from the Supreme Court until this June. The Town has obtained new Counsel. Rick believes that the Town’s Housing In-lieu fees collected over the years are restricted funds and should be secure for use on affordable housing.

VII. Review and Approval of Contract for Housing Needs Assessment
This matter was continued from last month’s meeting. This needs assessment will help to make the Town’s grant applications more successful and will be replacing the Community’s outdated needs assessment completed and 2004 and 2006. The firm selected also completed the previous needs assessments, does work with the Ski Area, and has an expansive work history in resort communities. Kirk motioned to allocate up to $58,000 for the needs assessment with RRC, Bill seconded the motion with unanimous approval. It was noted that staff would work with RRC to reduce costs when appropriate and that the $58,000 was a maximum out of pocket.

VIII. Political Reform Act Requirements per Town of Mammoth Lakes
This item was placed on the agenda as requested by Rob Clark. The Town’s new attorney believes that the MLH Board and Executive Director are required to complete the 700 form. Bill Taylor requested that we ask our counsel if this would apply under the FPPC Rules if the Town’s attorney determines the MLH board is indeed required to complete the form. Pam will be working with Jamie Gray to move through this process with the Board.

IX. Board Member Reports
No reports.

X. Executive Director’s Report
a. General
• Staff has been working with the Bishop Down Payment Assistance Program. There is $400,000 available to help qualifying first-time homebuyers.
• The County of Inyo requested that MLH come back after their last visit in 2009 to discuss the County’s interest in applying for down payment assistance. Pam is working on another visit to the Inyo BOS to see if they are now interested.
• Pam will be presenting an update to the Mono County Housing Authority at their meeting in March in Bridgeport.
• Staff is heading to LA the last week of February to obtain certification in housing counseling which goes towards MLH becoming a HUD approved counseling agency.
b. Aspen Village Sales Updates
• No new sales but there are still regular showings of the units.


XI. Pursuant to Government Code Section 24956.8, the Board will hold a closed session to discuss property negotiations- Multiple Properties
No action taken.

XII. Adjourn