Board of Directors Meeting

Monday, January 7, 2019
Meeting at 6 p.m.



  1. Call to Order: The meeting was called to order by President Kirk Stapp at 6:05
  2. Roll Call
    Members Present: Lindsay Barksdale, Stacy Corless, Tom Hodges, Jiselle Kenny, Richard Plaisted, Kirk Stapp, Agnes Vianzon, John Wentworth
    Member Absent:  Zoraya Cruz
    Staff Present: Patricia Robertson, Executive Director, Diane Doonan Grant & Financial Associate
  3. Public Comments
    No comments were made by the public
  4. Approval of minutes from the December 3, 2018 regular Board meeting.
    A motion was made by Kirk Stapp to approve the regular Board meeting minutes of December 3, 2018, as written, and seconded by Stacy Corless.  The motion passed 8-0.
  5. Strategic Planning Update
    Patricia Robertson provided an update on the chosen dates for the first two strategic planning sessions.  She emphasized the difficulty in scheduling the third date, which the consultants needed several weeks after the first two sessions.  Board members were requested to turn in availability sheets so a date with a quorum could be selected.  After discussion, a consensus was that the March 4 Board Meeting date would be the fall back date if another suitable time could not be established.    Additionally, Richard Plaisted moved that the February 4 Regular Board meeting be cancelled in light of the two strategic planning meetings on January 31 and February 1.  Jiselle Kinney seconded the motion, and it passed 8-0.
  6. 238 Sierra Manor Road Update:
    Patricia Robertson provided an update on the planning and funding for the conversion to residential apartments of MLH owned commercial property at 238 Sierra Manor Road.  She noted the emphasis now on project readiness for competitive grant funding applications, particularly the 2018 CDBG program.  She recommends MLH utilize reserve funds to increase the readiness and competitiveness of the residential conversion by acquiring preliminary plans, cost estimates, schedule, and related components.  Board members discussed the reserve funds available, the adequacy of the budget, current zoning, and timing relative to funding opportunities.  Lindsay Barksdale moved to adopt the recommended option and move forward with preliminary plans and cost estimates in the estimated amount of $30,000 and an amount not to exceed $10,000 for additional readiness activities.  Jiselle Kenny seconded the motion, and it was passed 8-0.
  7. The Parcel Update
    Patricia Robertson had minimal activity to report for The Parcel during December, other than a tour by Board members and staff with Public Works Director Grady Dutton.  At the Town level, a Request for Qualifications for affordable housing expertise has been issued along with requests for land use planning expertise. Responses are due January 21. Additionally, Town Council approved a budget adjustment for these consulting services, two additional Town staff members with housing responsibilities, and $125,000 for housing programs.John Wentworth stated that he appreciates The Parcel updates, but would be interested in a more complete update on the various tasks outlined in the Comprehensive Housing Action Plan.  Kirk Stapp agreed that with the number of varying proposals and the competition for finite housing budget dollars, it is imperative to keep all of the components in view and prioritized.  Linsday Barksdale expressed concern that the comprehensive updates would overburden staff, and thought a chart or list may be more feasible.  Stacy Corless suggested this might be a topic for the strategic planning sessions.  No definite direction was determined at this time, recognizing that The Parcel is of primary concern to the public, but other aspects of the CHAP offer a valuable roadmap that needs to be kept in view.
  8. Direction regarding the Town of Mammoth Lakes’ Request for Qualifications (RFQ) for Affordable Housing Development Expertise for The Parcel:
    Members Kirk Stapp and John Wentworth recused themselves from this item.   Patricia Robertson again described the RFQ for affordable housing subject matter expertise issued by the Town of Mammoth Lakes.  She explained that as the primary mission of MLH is to ensure adequate workforce housing for the community, she believes that MLH must respond and offer its qualifications.  It also needs to solidify its position on The Parcel development team, which this involvement would do.   In addition, Sierra Business Council and WSW who have been involved with the CHAP and Housing Needs Assessment, are willing to collaborate and present a team response to the RFQ, recognizing that a team is stronger than the individual firms. Staff and board members recognized that it would also be an opportunity to build MLH capacity and expand staff expertise.  Tom Hodges expressed support for the idea, noting that it offers a good opportunity for MLH to build capacity and it fulfills MLH’s mission and is truly part of what MLH needs to do and can do.  Jiselle Kenney questioned the background of Sierra Business Council, and Patricia noted that they have worked with the Town before, including the Housing Element as well as the CHAP and Needs Assessment.  Lindsay Barksdale appreciated the team aspect, but questioned whether there is a conflict since MLH is already a participant on the Development Team.  Others noted that any significant work would be outside of the current workplan and unfunded.Tom Hodges moved to direct MLH staff to submit a response to the Request for Qualifications from the Town of Mammoth Lakes for Affordable Housing expertise, in collaboration with the Sierra Business Council, WSW and other partners as needed.  Lindsay Barksdale seconded the motion, and it was passed 8-0.
  9. MLH Monthly Update
    Patricia Robertson reviewed her work and housing data for the month.  She noted that two households were added to the rental waiting list.  She also described the upcoming annual Homeless Count coordinated by IMACA, tricky in Mammoth with no established shelters and many people living in cars or “camping” in forest locations.  Board members who are interested in participating may do so.  She also  briefly described her discussions with the property owner at Mammoth Mall who is planning to request a CDBG application through the Town of Mammoth Lakes to convert upstairs space to 13 affordable residential units.Patricia addressed questions about the website utilization numbers, noting that fresh content or more social media activity may re-boost website visits, and explained the calculation of the apartment vacancy rate.
  10. Board Member Reports
    Tom Hodges raised the idea, in response to expressed needs and commitments to develop housing units right away, of using a small section of The Parcel to develop an RV park.  He noted that it could be a temporary facility, though with full hookups, until more permanent development was forthcoming.John Wentworth reported that he attended a Chamber of Commerce meeting regarding the employee/housing matching database, which anticipates using an Airbnb type platform.

    Stacy Corless reported on the Board of Supervisors progress on the Davison Street community housing land and bid process.  She also commented on the importance of the Homeless Count for future funding, and suggested she would like to hear a presentation from IMACA before the Board regarding their continuum of care program.

    Jiselle Kenny discussed an interesting conversation with her father who currently owns a large, Airbnb in Mammoth.  She noted that other owners like him may be interested in linking with employers to convert to employee housing since Airbnb returns aren’t as high as anticipated.  There may be opportunities for the Chamber’s rental matching project also targeting these owners of larger units.

    Kirk Stapp commented on his concern at the Mammoth Town Council regarding multiple requests, including housing requests, for a finite pot of funding.  He wants to keep the board’s eye on The Parcel, but attend to the many other projects and programs related to housing.

  11. Adjourn:   The meeting was adjourned at 7:24.