Board of Directors Meeting

Monday, June 6, 2011
6:00 p.m.

Mammoth Lakes Housing Conference Room
587 Old Mammoth Rd.


I. Call to Order

II. Roll Call
Members present: Bill Taylor, Dave Wilbrecht, Jim Smith for Rusty Gregory, Kirk Stapp, Larry Johnston, and Rick Wood
Staff: Jennifer Halferty, Pam Hennarty
Public: Leigh Gaasch

III. Public Comments
Leigh Gaasch stated that she was disappointed to see the Sierra Valley Sites referred to also as “The Ghetto” in the housing needs assessment survey. She requested that that term never be used again. Furthermore, Ms. Gaasch expressed her skepticism of the housing needs assessment surveys because she is aware of several households that like her, did not receive a survey. Of the questions on the survey, she does not believe income range is a relevant question and that her contacts expressed their wish that there be no more affordable housing in the Sierra Valley Sites.

Town Clean-Up Day is June 11 and Leigh is the coordinator for the Sierra Valley Sites. She requested that the announcement be made to the affordable housing households. Leigh went on to state that the condition of the Sierra Valley Sites is the worst she has ever seen it.

IV. Approval of Minutes from the May 2, 2010 BOD Meeting
Bill Taylor motioned to adopt the minutes as corrected. Jim Smith seconded the motion with a final vote of 3 abstentions and 3 in favor.

V. Review of Fiscal Year 2011-2012 Draft Budget
A question was raised on the grant funds MLH collects. Executive Director Pam Hennarty explained that the grant funds are not encumbered unless the grant activity is delivered. The draft budget presented did not reflect a 10% reduction in Town contract revenue currently being discussed at the Town. Board direction was given to further discussions with the lien holder on MLH office #5. The budget will be brought back at the July meeting.

VI. Discussion of Town of Mammoth Lakes Budget and Use of Measure A Funds
With much discussion at the Town on the use of Measure A funds to balance their budget and to cut the MLH contract 10%, Pam explained her concern that MLH is regularly assumed to receive the full 1% of TOT just as Mammoth Lakes Tourism (MLT) receives the full 2.5% of TOT. Unlike MLT, the MLH contract for services is roughly 43% of the 1% TOT collected for affordable housing. In fact there is again this year an affordable housing fund balance prior to the proposed 10% reduction to the MLH contract and after an increase of housing funds budgeted for the Community Development Department.

Over the past seven years the Town has contracted with MLH for housing related services and paid approximately $2.5 million for such services. The Town, in return has received over $40 million in grant funding secured by MLH.

Rick Wood motioned to adopt the MLH budget discussed under item VI., Bill seconded the motion however upon discussion the Board choose not to take action at this time but to wait until the July BOD meeting. Due to the Fourth of July falling on the first Monday of the month (MLH’s regular BOD meeting day) the July meeting will be held at 10:30 am on Thursday, July 7th in the MLH office.

VII. Review and Discussion of Proposed 2011-2012 Contract with Town of Mammoth Lakes
The redlined contract was shared with the Board. As of yet there has not been a response to the proposed changes by the Town. The Board recommends two amendments to the Scope of Work section of the contract. Pam will bring back at the next meeting.

VIII. Update on STAR Apartments Remodel Project
A contract with Lehman Construction has been executed for the remodel of the Star Apartments. One of the two tenants has been temporarily relocated and the second will be moving this weekend. The plan is to have the tenants back in their apartments in approximately four months. Rents will be 80% of the AMI.

IX. Board Member Reports
Bill requests replacement of the vacant seat to be placed on the next Board agenda.

Larry Johnston announced that the Board of Supervisors would be reviewing a proposal to eliminate the County’s inclusionary housing policy perhaps for the next two years at their regularly scheduled meeting, June 7 in Bridgeport

Dave Wilbrecht mentioned that the County’s Mental Health Department is looking to sell their multifamily property on Davison Road. It may be an opportunity to do another acquisition rehab such as the one at Star Apartments.

X. Executive Director’s Report
a. General
• Inventory report: MLH is partners on 80 rental units in the Town of which all are occupied; MLH owns a deed restricted Nordica 2-bedroom unit and a deed restricted Meridian Court 2-bedroom unit with both being used for the temporary relocation from Star Apartments; MLH owns five of the Aspen Village condos of which four are in escrow
• Please bring suggestions for possible replacements for the Board member opening
• Walter Kieser will be updating the Council at their next meeting on his progress with his forecasting models
• Town Senior Planner, Ellen Clark has revised the housing ordinance which will be reviewed by the Town’s counsel and then by MLH
• MLH submitted a Community Development Block Grant Planning and Technical Assistance grant application this past month for financial assistance with the Housing Needs Assessment
• MLH staff attended the Hispanic outreach meeting and was able to present information on affordable housing and answer questions from the Hispanic community
• MLH staff met with MUSD Superintended, Rich Boccia to discuss his housing needs for administrative staff as well as teachers
b. Aspen Village Sales Updates
• This was covered under X.a. first bullet above


XI. Pursuant to Government Code Section 24956.8, the Board will hold a closed session to discuss property negotiations- Multiple Properties
No action was taken.

XII. Adjourn