Board of Directors Meeting

Thursday, March 6, 2008
6:00 p.m.

Mammoth Lakes Housing Conference Room
587 Old Mammoth Rd.


I. Call to Order

II. Roll Call
Members: Mark Carney, Rusty Gregory, and Rob Clark
Staff: Pam Hennarty, Jennifer Halferty, and Kent Andersen
Press: Lara Kirkner
Public: Bill Taylor, Jim Smith, Greg Newbry, Steve Black, and Rich McAteer

III. Public Comments

IV. Approval of Minutes from the January 3, 2008 BOD Meeting.
Minutes were approved as presented. Mark Carney motioned, Rob Clark seconded approved 3-0 vote.

V. Approval of New Board Members.
Bill Taylor accepted the invitation to the Board of Mammoth Lakes Housing (MLH). Mark Carney motioned, Rusty Gregory seconded approved 3-0 vote.
Rich McAteer has been invited to join the Board and is currently contemplating that invitation.

VI. Ritz Carlton In- Lieu Update
The Advocates of Mammoth appealed the Planning Commission decision to the Town Council regarding the approval of the alternative housing mitigation plan for the Mammoth Hillside project. The Advocates are asking one of three things: (1) compel the Hillside project to meet its original commitment, or (2) to withdraw the density bonus given to the project, or (3) for MLH to absolutely guarantee that all units, as in the original agreement, will be low Income affordable housing and will be completed before Phase 1 of the Hillside project is completed.
Pam Hennarty has a meeting with the Advocates Monday, March 10th to discuss these issues. The appeal goes to Town Council on March 19th. The Board is encouraged to attend the appeal at Town Council.

VII. Acceptance of Mark Carney’s resignation from the Board of Directors.
Mark Carney thanked the Board for his time served as a member. He then offered his resignation to the Board. The Board thanked him for his service.

VIII. Introduction of Rusty Gregory’s proxy Jim Smith
Rusty gave an introduction of Jim Smith and asked to have him serve as his proxy on the Board. Jim Smith’s approval will be voted on at the next Board meeting.
IX. Board of Directors Make-Up- Cont. from January & February
Pam Hennarty gave a brief background on the Board Make-Up. The Board must discuss and approve both future Board members and individuals acting as proxies. MLH now has a five member Board and are still discussing the possibility of having seven members. Rich McAteer is still contemplating serving.

X. Future Projects
Staff is applying for a Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) in order to acquire a multi-family property and rehabilitate it in order to provide rental units restricted to 80% of the AMI or below. Resolution 2008-01 to authorize MLH leverage of up to $37,500 for the CDBG application was approved. Bill Taylor motioned, approved 4-0 vote.

Staff is also continuing to assess all available land in the community for potential project locations.

XI. Agency Review

a. Aspen Village Condos – Exterior drywall is up and windows are in. Contractor is focusing construction on buildings B and C in order to be ready for sale as soon as possible. Work on approval with the Department of Real Estate is ongoing.
b. Manzanita – Have received Temporary Certificate of Occupancy. Project was completed ahead of schedule. First household moved in March 5th. A ribbon cutting ceremony will be held to celebrate the completion of this project as well as the Jeffreys.
c. Executive Director’s Report – One household in escrow at the San Joaquin Villas with another close to opening escrow. Playground Sales Specialist Kerry Pelcher is no longer serving the San Joaquin Villas. The future of the sales process is currently being discussed. Outreach is ongoing with presentations since the last Board meeting given to the Mammoth Unified School District Elementary, Mammoth Mountain Ski Area, and two open presentations available to the public.

Closed Session

XII. Pursuant to Government Code Section 54956.9, subdivision (a), the Board will hold a closed session to discuss pending litigation.

XIII. Pursuant to Government Code Section 24956.8, the Board will hold a closed session to discuss property negotiations- Multiple Properties- For Discussion Only.

No action taken

XIV. Adjourn