Board of Directors Meeting

Monday, March 6, 2017
Regular meeting at 6:00 p.m.



I. Call to Order
The meeting was called to order at 6:05 PM.

II. Roll Call
Members: Lindsay Barksdale, Larry Johnston, Jiselle Kenny, Kirk Stapp, Bill Taylor, John Wentworth
Staff: Jennifer Halferty, Executive Director and Patricia Robertson, Grant & Financial Associate
Public: Tom Hodges, Mammoth Mountain Ski Area and Sandra Moberly, Community & Economic Development, Planning Manager

III. Public Comments
There were no comments from the public.

IV. Approval of minutes from February 6, 2017 Regular Board meeting
Bill Taylor moved to adopt the minutes as amended. Lindsay Barksdale seconded the motion. The motion passed 5-0. John Wentworth abstained.

V. Board Member reports
Lindsay Barksdale reported that she received the housing survey call conducted by BBC through Mono County’s Housing Element Update in collaboration with the Town of Mammoth Lakes. She said that even though the call was cut-off they called her back. The survey was interesting and very long. Jiselle Kenny also took the survey.

Larry Johnston announced that tomorrow at the Board of Supervisors meeting there is an item on the agenda to update the General Plan to allow transient rentals in all zones through a public hearing process.

Kirk Stapp noted his concerns regarding the federal immigration policy and the local Hispanic community, which makes up a large part of the local workforce. He estimated that many work crews were probably illegal and that the fear level was rising. Many may consider going back to Mexico. While the dynamics of this issue keep evolving, it will likely have impacts on our community.

John Wentworth noted that he spoke with a constituent that also took the housing survey. He spoke about potentially partnering with the County on transient rental data mining.
VI. MLH monthly status report
Jennifer Halferty, Executive Director, gave an update on activities undertaken by staff during the month of February. She noted that there have been no vacancies in our rental units and that staff is aware of families that have been displaced by the damage caused by snow loads as they have been taking rental applications for the wait list. Losing these units is exacerbating the already tight rental market.

She explained that interest in homeownership programs continues and that two deed restricted homes are currently in escrow.

The postcard that MLH and the Town mailed out to second homeowners regarding the workforce housing shortage received 35 pageviews on the website this month. This is in part because the Chamber of Commerce included it in their weekly newsletter. To date, only one unit has been listed on the MLH website as a result of the postcard. The rent listed on this unit appeared high for the local workforce.

Larry Johnston asked for an update regarding the Accessory Dwelling Unit revision. Jennifer Halferty explained that certain obstacles to providing ADUs have been removed from the Town zoning code in accordance with State law, effective January 1, 2017. John Wentworth stated that an analysis regarding the opportunities for ADUs should be conducted. Sandra Moberly, Planning Manager, explained that advertising the changes to the public was something the Town may consider. Jennifer Halferty said that through the Community Housing Action Plan process, opportunities such as ADUs will be addressed.

Lindsay Barksdale asked for an update regarding any data that supported the notion that a minimum Floor Area Ratio (FAR) would inevitably result in locals housing. Sandra Moberly, Planning Manager, explained that after talking with comparison communities none of them saw a direct correlation between a minimum FAR and locals housing. This would need to be accomplished through some sort of inclusionary requirement. She announced that the Planning & Economic Development Commission would meet on Wednesday 3/14 to review the minimum FAR.

VII. Select MLH Board members to participate on the Housing Working Group for the Town of Mammoth Lakes Community Housing Action Plan; Live, Work, Thrive
Jennifer Halferty, Executive Director, explained how the Housing Working Group would provide valuable insight, informing the two part process that will develop the Community Housing Action Plan for the Town of Mammoth Lakes. The group will comprise key stakeholders including representatives from tourism (MLT), transit (ESTA), water (MCWD), the mountain (MMSA), the real estate community, and others. The kick-off meeting takes place on Wednesday, March 15th from 2-3 in the Town/County Conference Room. Mammoth Lakes Housing can have two members on the group in addition to John Wentworth. Kirk Stapp volunteered. Bill Taylor also volunteered. Lindsay Barksdale, Jiselle Kenny, and Larry Johnston will serve as alternates.

VIII. Update on MMSA offer of property for workforce housing
Jennifer Halferty gave an update regarding talks with Mammoth Mountain Ski Area surrounding a 1 acre piece of land on Arrowhead Drive. She explained that she met with Tom Hodges and reviewed the previous plans for the site. Tom Hodges stated the Mountain was not willing to pursue an application for funding at this time, due to the fact that public funds cannot be used to restrict the units to MMSA employees.

IX. Discussion of the Town Council’s appointment of a subcommittee for the recalibration of NGO funding
Jennifer Halferty explained that the action taken at the Town Council’s March 1st meeting was to appoint two members to a subcommittee that will research funds allocation to NGO partners. John Wentworth explained that he and Colin Fernie introduced the topic and will serve on the subcommittee.

John Wentworth further explained that the subcommittee’s role will be to put together information regarding the political commitments to bring to a workshop for the Town Council that will be integrated with budget discussions. The subcommittee will review the findings and make recommendations to the Town Council based on the history of the political commitments, the timeline regarding funding levels, where we are today, and where we may want to be. He noted that just because the political commitments were opened up during the lawsuit settlement with MLLA doesn’t necessarily mean that they don’t have the same validity that they had when they were passed.

John Wentworth continued that we need to look at where the dollars are now going today. He and Stacy Corless held a community conversation about 6 months ago where they heard a lot of comments regarding a diminishing quality of life and the impacts that are occurring to the product. This process will help the Town Council and the community to understand what kinds of options there are to recalibrate the funding levels.

Jiselle Kenny asked whether the subcommittee will be reassessing the current needs in relation to funding levels, or putting the funding levels back to where they were originally. John Wentworth answered that the subcommittee will look at where we were supposed to be, where we are now, and where we think the funding should be going based on current needs.

John Wentworth requested an agenda item for the next meeting; for Darin Dinsmore to give a presentation on housing types, tiny homes, and policies. Staff will include the item on the April 4th meeting agenda.

X. Adjourn
The meeting was adjourned at 7:35 PM.