Board of Directors Meeting
Thursday, May 14, 2009
6:00 p.m.
Mammoth Lakes Housing Conference Room
587 Old Mammoth Rd.


I. Call to Order

II. Roll Call
Members: Bill Taylor, Jim Smith for Rusty Gregory, Kirk Stapp, Neil McCarroll, Rob Clark, and Sandra Facincani
Absent: Byng Hunt
Staff: Pam Hennarty, Jennifer Halferty, Kent Andersen
Public: Chuck Landy, Leslie Klusmire, Mark Wardlaw, Ellen Clark, Jen Daugherty

III. Public Comments
Pam Hennarty stated that the Mammoth Lakes Housing next Board of Directors meeting will be rescheduled and held on either June 8th, 9th, or 11th.

IV. Approval of Minutes from the April 6, 2009 BOD Meeting
Minutes were approved as presented. Rob Clark motioned, Bill Taylor seconded, approved 6-0.

V. Mammoth Crossing Development Proposal Review
Ellen Clark from the Town of Mammoth Lakes presented. The Town is currently holding study sessions with participating Boards and Commissions. Mammoth Crossing would like to amend the North Village Specific Plan from 48 rooms per acre to 80 rooms per acre.
Sites two and three will accommodate workforce housing onsite. Site one would satisfy the workforce housing requirement offsite. This equates to 45 bedrooms onsite and 21 bedrooms offsite.
The Board would like Mammoth Crossing proponents to review a copy of the Report of Available Land and Affordable Housing Needs, review the livability criteria, and review the toolbox. Regarding the toolbox, not all items should be assumed that they will be accepted. Each proposal will be based on current workforce housing needs at the time of the proposal.

VI. Consideration of Snowcreek VIII Housing Mitigation Proposal
The Board feels that current Town Policy would need to be revised in order to ensure affordable housing is developed. The way the current workforce housing fee structure is set up will not allow a developer to move forward. Staff will identify a work plan in order to identify issues raised by the Snowcreek proposal.
Item will be placed on the agenda when information is gathered through a study session comprised of Pam Clark, Jim Smith, Bill Taylor, Mark Wardlaw, and Ellen Clark. A Board study session may also be necessary.

VII. Agency Review – Tabled until next meeting
a. Executive Director’s Report – Tabled until next meeting
i. Performance Goals Matrix – Tabled until next meeting
ii. Mono County Housing Element Participation – Tabled until next meeting
iii. CDBG Applications – Tabled until next meeting
iv. City of Bishop Contract for Monitoring – Tabled until next meeting

VIII. Consideration and Recommendation to Town of Mammoth Lakes for renewal of MLH/Town Agreement
Tabled until next meeting

IX. Review of Third Quarter Financial Statements
Tabled until next meeting

X. Review of Draft 2009-2010 Budget
Tabled until next meeting

XI. Discuss Board Policies for Ex Parte Communications and Negotiation Authority
Tabled until next meeting.


XII. Pursuant to Government Code Section 24956.8, the Board will hold a closed session to discuss property negotiations- Multiple Properties
The board stated that Bill Taylor does not have a material interest in Aspen Village. Approved 4-0.
– The Board chose Option 3 on APN# 40-150-01
– The Board chose not to exercise the option to purchase APN# 33-110-15-0005. Kirk Stapp motioned, Jim Smith seconded, approved 5-0.

XIII. Adjourn