Board of Directors Meeting

Thursday, November 3, 2005
6:00 p.m.

Mammoth Lakes Housing, Inc. Office
587 Old Mammoth Rd. #5
(Ground Floor Sherwin Plaza 3)


I. Call to Order

II. Roll Call
Members: Mark Carney, Rusty Gregory, Byng Hunt, Kirk Stapp

III. Public Comments
Mammoth Lakes community member, Gordon Alper, addressed the Board to reemphasize how important it was to him that Mammoth Lakes Housing, Inc. purchase existing condominium units to be utilized as workforce housing, as opposed to building new units. He expressed his concern regarding the extra density and the effects on the overall population as a result of building new units.

Executive Director Andrea Clark updated Mr. Alper regarding the progress of MLH purchasing existing condominium units for workforce housing. Recently, the Planning Commission approved alternate housing mitigation where developers could purchase condominium units instead of building on site. In addition, the Town of Mammoth Lakes had recently been awarded approximately $3.5 million for down-payment assistance for residents to buy existing units.

Ms. Clark then described how State funds could be used to purchase units. In order to purchase the same amount of units that could be built with State funds, all units to be purchased would have to go into escrow at the same time and close at the same time, which is a virtually impossible endeavor. Furthermore, MLH is capable of leveraging those State grant funds to build four times the units that it would be able to purchase. Mr. Alper asked that MLH lobby to change those regulations.

IV. Approval of Minutes from 8/01/05 and 9/8/05 (See Attached)
Minutes approved 4-0

V. Discussion and Possible Action Regarding MLH Position on Proposed Housing Uses on South Gateway/Mammoth Lakes Foundation Property
Ms. Clark updated the Board regarding the history of the South Gateway planning efforts. MLH has been actively involved in the South Gateway planning effort and Multi-Party Agreements that have described the future uses of this property, including workforce housing on approximately 10-20 acres of land currently owned by the Mammoth Lakes Foundation. MLH and the Foundation have a tentative agreement that will lend the Foundation up to $3 million to assist in the construction of student housing, with the loan secured by a deed of trust on Foundation property. MLH will have first right of refusal to purchase the property should the General Plan Update allow workforce housing in the IP (Institutional/Public) land use designation. MLH has not been an active voice in the General Plan Update process with regard to this issue. Recently, several members of the public, including the Advocates for Mammoth, have expressed concern about the need for new housing and the policy allowing workforce housing on the South Gateway Property.

MLH Program Manager informed the Board about the two planning sessions that she attended where all South Gateway stakeholders involved met, to plan for the land uses of the property, to include housing.

Ms. Clark stated that the South Gateway property would be a good place to develop the type of units that would accommodate moderate to higher income families living and working in Mammoth.

Gordon Alper discussed his views regarding the South Gateway plans. He stated that he felt that the stakeholders had been meeting without involving the public and that it appeared to be as if ‘back room’ deals were being made without public involvement.

Board Member Rusty Gregory responded by telling Mr. Alper that as a Board member for the Foundation (a South Gateway stakeholder) and as a Board member for MLH, he knew of no ‘deals’ or agreements at this time.

Mr. Alper stated that the amended General Plan Draft allows for I/P land to be used for workforce housing, which would include the Gateway property. He was upset about the fact that the General Plan amendment allows workforce housing to be built on I/P land, when the GPAG had specifically advised against changing the zoning requirements for the Gateway property. He also stated that his major issue was that using the land for housing violated the Urban Limits boundary. Both Board members, Rusty Gregory and Mark Carney, corrected Mr. Alper by telling him that his issue was a ‘zoning’ issue, not an Urban Limits boundary issue, as the housing would be within the Urban limits. Mr. Alper stated that the Town of Mammoth Lakes would destroy the community if the use for I/P land were changed to urban zoning.

Ms. Clark asked the Board to discuss the matter and develop clear policy on MLH’s position and the role MLH should play in the General Plan Update process on this issue.

Mr. Carney restated one of MLH’s goals, which is to advocate for affordable housing for the Town of Mammoth Lakes. He felt that MLH should, at any chance given, advocate for housing, to include campaigning for policy changes that would help MLH meet it mission. He advised that in the future, MLH should always make it obvious and widely known its stance on its mission, which may include the rezoning of I/P land for housing. He did not want to see MLH being accused of any ‘back room’ deals.

After a lengthy General Plan discussion in regards to housing, the Board decided to have MLH staff advocate for housing at the Gateway property; in addition, they asked staff to read the General Plan amendment in its entirety, identify all areas where housing may be an issue, and advocate for those changes needed to meet MLH’s mission. Ms. Clark agreed to bring the platform to the Board at the December board meeting.

Action: The Board requests MLH to advocate for housing in all zones other than open space and national forest.

VI. Consideration of a Resolution Authorizing MLH Membership in Mammoth Lakes Aspen Village, LLC and authorizing MLH Staff to act on behalf of MLH in all matters concerning the LLC, including execution of construction loan documents, for the purposes of developing the Aspen Village at Mammoth Creek Town Home Project (See Attached Resolution)
Ms. Clark explained why MLH’s membership in the Mammoth Lakes Aspen Village, LLC was necessary for the development of the Aspen Village at Mammoth Creek Town Home Project.

Action: The Board authorized MLH membership in Mammoth Lakes Aspen Village, LLC.

VII. Consideration of a Resolution Deeding MLH Property to Mammoth Lakes Aspen Village, LLC for the purposes of developing the Aspen Village at Mammoth Creek Town Home Project (See Attached Resolution)
Ms. Clark explained the reason why deeding MLH property to Mammoth Lakes Aspen Village, LLC was necessary.

Action: The Board authorized the deeding of MLH property to Mammoth Lakes Aspen Village, LLC.

VIII. Review of Financial Statements for Quarter Ending June 30, 2005, and Year to Date
Kim McMahon, Executive Assistant, presented the Financial Statements for the Quarter Ending June 30, 2005, and Year to Date and a Profit & Loss Budget vs. Actual. It was discussed that though MLH did not meet its targeted revenue goal, its expenses were well under the planned amount, resulting in the budgeted NOI.

No action necessary

IX. Discussion and Possible Action Regarding the Aspen Village at Mammoth Creek Town Home Project and Requests of the Snowcreek IV Board (SCIV) (See Attached 9/29/05 email from Pam Hennarty to MLH Board)
Ms. Hennarty discussed MLH’s recent communication and meetings with the Snowcreek IV Board and the steps taken to keep them informed with regards to the development. She discussed the SCIV recent request for a gate system that would discourage access into the stream setback area by nonresidents.
The Board decided that a gate system would be high maintenance in the winter and they felt that since the stream setback area had not been an area frequented by nonresidents before development, it would most certainly not be frequented with development blocking the area now.
The Board requested Staff to inform SCIV that the area would be nicely landscaped and if nonresident frequency became a problem in the future, the developer would consider a remedy.

Urgency Item added-Closed Session
To discuss evaluation of Executive Director.

X. Adjourn