Board of Directors Meeting

Monday, November 5, 2018
Meeting at 6 p.m.



I. Call to Order: The meeting was called to order at 6:04 PM.

II. Roll Call
Members present: Lindsay Barksdale, Stacy Corless, Zoraya Cruz, Tom Hodges, Jiselle Kenny, Kirk Stapp, John Wentworth. New members Richard Plaisted and Agnes Vianzon joined the Board mid meeting after their appointments were confirmed.
Members absent: none
Staff: Patricia Robertson, Executive Director

III. Public Comments
Sandy Hogan offered public comment on the recent Housing Summit success and opportunities with The Parcel. Patricia Robertson added into the record that MLH would hold a free Homebuyers’ Education Class on Monday, November 12, 5:00 PM open to the public. The location is in the Starbucks conference room onon Main Street.

IV. Approval of Minutes September 17, 2018.
Motion was made by Stacy Corless and seconded by Lindsay Barksdale, to approve the September 17, 2018 special Board meeting minutes as written. Motion passed 7-0.

V. Ad-Hoc Nominations Committee recommendation and appointment of Board Members
Ad-Hoc committee members Tom Hodges and Jiselle Kenny reviewed the process of advertising, accepting applications, and interviewing 8 potential Board members. The candidates were evaluated in accordance with the MLH bylaws. Two nominees were brought forward and introduced as the Committee’s recommendations. Tom Hodges introduced Agnes Vianzon and Richard Plaisted. Agnes has a particular background establishing a nonprofit entity, while Richard works in the short term rental industry and is interested in helping address the long term rental issue. Tom Hodges moved to appoint both Agnes Vianzon and Richard Plaisted to the Board of Directors. Jiselle Kenny seconded the motion. The motion passed 5-0 with two abstentions from Stacy Corless and John Wentworth. Richard and Agnes immediately joined the Board for the remainder of the meeting.

VI. Board Member Reports
Lindsay Barksdale reported on the success of the Housing Summit, noting the good variety of people attending. Tom Hodges also addressed his Housing Summit experience, especially the quality of the speakers, and the relevance of the Breckenridge and Boulder examples. He also commented on the plans of MMSA to begin working with a private affordable housing developer on a one acre lot on Arrowhead for workforce housing.

Stacy Corless thanked organizers at Mammoth Voices and John Wentworth for the successful and inspiring public engagement in evidence at the Housing Summit. She also noted that Mono County is repeating the bidding process on the Davidson St. property as affordable housing, but more revisions may still be needed.

Jiselle Kenny and Zoraya Cruz both discussed their attendance at the Housing Summit and the positive impacts noted.

John Wentworth reported on the deliverables that would be available soon from the Summit, including media presentations of the various speakers, likely to be posted as video to the Town website, and also a Summit County Colorado Housing Summary that addresses their regional approach and may be of interest to Board members.

Kirk Stapp attended the Summit and thanked the organizers. He noted specific ideas that came out of the event, including ways to add a realistic 50 units to the available rental supply in the coming year, the variety of potential units or product types to be considered, funding needs, and the need for a full time person to pull all of the necessary pieces together.

VII. MLH Monthly Update
Executive Director Patricia Robertson commented on the 100% Board participation in the Summit, and noted the sense of renewed collaboration between the interested parties including Town of Mammoth, Mammoth Mountain, Chamber of Commerce and of course MLH.

Within the Staff Report data, she noted an increase in inquiries regarding homebuyer’s assistance, probably due to the availability of a deed restricted unit. She also noted that two rental vacancies were filled, and no new applications processed, bringing the waiting list total to 71. For additional funding opportunities, she reported on grant applications submitted for Mono County to the HOME program, as well as the 238 Sierra Manor Road Home application, and conversations with Brilliant Corners, IMACA, and Eastern Sierra Community Bank for additional gap funding on that project. She noted that work in Mono County is expanding, including the formation of a Latino Housing Coalition.

John Wentworth commented on her workload, noting that a new staff person proposed by the Town is intended to help MLH and other NGO boards with minutes and agenda duties. He also hoped Patricia could attend TOT committee meetings as a great deal of housing data is generated through the TOT analysis. Sandy Hogan added public comment on the importance of the TOT and short term rental issue, considering inclusions, enforcement and consideration of “amnesty” for landlords not currently in compliance.

VIII. Review and Discussion of First Quarter Financial Statements (FY 18/19)
Patricia Robertson reviewed the Financial Statements provided. Specific questions on an expense line item at the Sierra Manor property and whether revenues at Sierra Manor are generating reserves for maintenance, would be researched for answers.

IX. MLH Strategic Planning Update
Patricia Robertson updated the Board on the upcoming revision to the 2015 MLH Strategic Plan, including a proposal from the firm Fresh Tracks to complete the planning process. Their proposal includes a 360 assessment of Board members and other community members and planning sessions in January with a 2 week follow up session in February. Patricia noted that two Board volunteers were requested to serve as a core committee and point of contact for Fresh Tracks. Stacy Corless and Tom Hodges volunteered for this committee. Discussion followed on possible dates for the upcoming sessions, but Patricia will have to coordinate scheduling via email.

X. Review, Feedback and Approval of the MLH-Town Draft Contract
Patricia Robertson and Contract Committee members discussed the completed draft maintenance agreement between MLH and Town of Mammoth Lakes in the amount of $330,000. The term is approximately 2.5 years to coincide with the fiscal year ending June 30, 2021. Current tasks continue in the new agreement, and additional tasks include developing uniform deed restriction language and monitoring or modifying current deed restrictions as they come up. Another task involves the development of a GIS housing database in collaboration with the Town. New language was also included that limited carry over to 10% as potential reserve funds. Significant discussion followed from Board members regarding contract flexibility, entrepreneurial opportunities with reserve funding, prioritizing tasks, contract modifications, and the scheduling of contract approval. Public comment was made by Sandy Hogan on the need for careful and deliberate review, especially by legal counsel prior to approval, and by Jennifer Halferty who expressed the need for a contract increase considering the additional scope of work and rising costs in general.

A motion was made by Tom Hodges to approve the proposed contract with redline modifications and the condition that the MLH attorney review and consents to the contract as written. Kirk Stapp seconded the motion. The motion passed 7-0 with abstentions from Richard Plaisted and Agnes Vianzon.

XI. The Parcel Update
Patricia Robertson reported that the October public tour of The Parcel organized by the Town was very successful with 200 attendees and 9 tours conducted. She felt it was a great opportunity for the community to get excited about possibilities. Town staff offered a private tour to MLH Board members if desired. A member of the public asked where the anonymous comments went that were made at the tour. These comments are not known to be viewable other than as part of the public comment file with the Town.

XII. Adjourn: The meeting was adjourned at 8:25.