Mammoth Lakes Housing Shortage

How do I rent my Mammoth Lakes property?

What you need to know to benefit personally and help the community by providing a LONG-TERM RENTAL:

  • Long-term rentals can provide you with consistent and predictable revenue
  • A seasonal/annual renter can prevent damage from bears and wildlife as well as damaging weather conditions such as frozen pipes or leaks
  • A proper lease can:
    • Protect you from property damage through collection of a security deposit
    • Pass along utility costs to renters
    • Limit the number of people living in the unit
    • Decide to allow pets or not

There are services in town that can help get you set up to rent long-term and can handle the actual leasing as well as provide local management

What you need to know:

  • Confirm your home/condo is located in a zone that is legal for nightly rentals
  • You need a Business License from the Town of Mammoth Lakes
  • Sign up for a Transient Occupancy Tax certificate from the Town of Mammoth Lakes
  • Consider if your home is being rented enough to cover HOA fees and utility bills
  • If your home doesn’t rent and sits empty for long periods, consider renting it long-term to our local workforce in need


Mammoth Lakes Chamber of Commerce 
Curtis Shapiro, (760) 934-2712 x1320

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Town of Mammoth Lakes TOT and Zoning