Board of Directors Meeting

Thursday, September 11, 2008
6:00 p.m.

Mammoth Lakes Housing Conference Room
587 Old Mammoth Rd.


I. Call to Order

II. Roll Call
Members: Bill Taylor, Byng Hunt, Jim Smith for Rusty Gregory, Kirk Stapp, Neil McCarroll, and Rob Clark
Staff: Pam Hennarty, Kent Andersen, and Mo Jacoby
Public: Ellen Clark and Catherine Billey

III. Public Comments
Pam Hennarty suggested Sandra Facincani as a potential MLH Board member. This suggestion will be on the next Board agenda.

IV. Approval of Minutes from the August 13, 2008 BOD Meeting
Minutes were approved with changes. Byng Hunt motioned, Kirk Stapp seconded, Jim Smith and Rob Clark abstained, approved 4-0

V. Review of Town of Mammoth Lakes Housing Element Update Process
EDAW was the consultant selected by Town Staff to complete the Housing Element Update and will go to Town Council for approval on September 17th, 2008. The total cost for the Update is $120,000 with two optional tasks for an additional $30,400. The Board agreed that one of the tasks, Workforce Housing Mitigation Strategies, is and should be identified as an optional task. The Board directed Pam Hennarty to recommend to the Town Council that they approve the contract with EDAW including only the core Housing Element Update requirements, which does not include the Workforce Housing Mitigation Strategies.

VI. Background Discussion Regarding Upcoming Joint Planning Commission and Town Council Meetings
The Board identified the following policy questions for discussion with the Town: Toolbox adoption, Toolbox implementation, livability of units, fixed fee/negotiated fee, off site vs. on site, housing AMI mix in regards to flexibility, in Town vs. out of Town, and seasonal housing. Also to be discussed is what role Shady Rest will play. These items will be discussed at the September 24th Planning Commission meeting and the October 15th Town Council meeting.

VII. Discussion of Existing Deed Restricted Units Monitoring Status- Cont. from August Meeting
A list was provided to the Board of the deed restricted units in Town and who is monitoring these units. Pam was directed to establish a process of reviewing Deed Restricting units and to prepare an RFP for the Town to identify an entity to complete this monitoring.

VIII. Agency Review
a. Aspen Village Condos – Proceeding well, cabinets going in. Currently getting bids for asphalt.
b. San Joaquin Villas – A new purchase agreement was signed. In mid-October MLH option to exercise purchase is due to Intrawest.
c. Executive Director’s Report – Pam and Jennifer attended a CDBG conference. Staff will be going back to Town Council to approve the CDBG PTA public hearing as the last public hearing was not advertised due to a mistake by the Mammoth Times. MLH has held three general homebuyer education courses. Pam has been meeting monthly with Mono County. The County has been working with a consultant who will be giving options to the County in regards to affordable housing. Mono County is interested in partnering with MLH.


IX. Pursuant to Government Code Section 24956.8, the Board will hold a closed session to discuss property negotiations-APN# 33-160-92
The Board approved lowering the purchase prices of two units at APN# 33-160-92. The Board also approved a request to the Town to use housing in-lieu fees to lower the costs of these units. Kirk Stapp motioned, Bill Taylor seconded, approved 6-0.

The Board will reconvene from closed session and announce any actions taken therein which are required to be disclosed

X. Adjourn