Special Board of Directors Meeting

Wednesday, September 17, 2014
4:30 p.m.

Mammoth Lakes Housing Conference Room
587 Old Mammoth Rd.


I. Call to Order

II. Roll Call
Members present: Bill Taylor, Kirk Stapp, Larry Johnston, Colin Fernie, and Lindsay Barksdale
Members absent: Tom Mazaitis
Staff present: Jennifer Halferty
Public present: Town of Mammoth Lakes Senior Planner Jen Daugherty, Leigh Gaasch, Tom Hodges, and Katie Vane

III. Public Comments
No public comment was given.

IV. Review and possible action on the Alternative Housing Mitigation Plan (AHMP) for the Inn at the Village
The board discussed the Inn at the Village’s Plan beginning with the Town’s Interim Housing Mitigation Policy’s (Interim Policy) requirement that the housing be on-site for this type of development unless the on-site mitigation is undesirable for the community or infeasible. The developer, the Board agreed, had given their opinion in their AHMP that on-site was undesirable, yet they provided no facts as to the infeasibility of the workforce housing being on-site. The MLH Board was split, Colin did not take a position and only contributed to the discussion, Larry Johnston and Lindsey Barksdale felt the housing should be on-site, and Bill Taylor and Kirk Stapp were comfortable with going off-site, in this case.

Recognizing that there was no “additional housing benefit” as required by the Interim Policy, staff presented three options for recommendation to the Town that would bring the applicant closer to compliance with the Town’s Interim Policy:

  • 1. Pay an in-lieu fee that is, at minimum, equal to the $777,937 currently required under the Town’s Building Division Fee Schedule for small hotels.
  • 2. Purchase of off-site existing housing stock at the minimum of 3,484 square feet which is the approximate total square feet that would be provided if the housing was on-site.
  • 3. Purchase land in Mammoth Lakes where the Town could accommodate, at the minimum, the same square footage development that would have been provided onsite.

After some debate, the Board prioritized the three options, individually, without clear consensus.

Jen Daugherty informed the Board that the developer is now proposing that their use-permit have a condition of approval on their housing mitigation plan. The condition would make the developer responsible for workforce housing under the new housing mitigation ordinance once it is adopted rather than working under the Interim Policy.

Kirk Stapp made a motion to recommend to the Town that under the condition of approval scenario proposed by the developer, where the mitigation will be based on the future housing ordinance, that there would be a time-frame attached to the condition and the Board recommends the three options above, either individually or some combination of them, plus an additional housing benefit as required by the Interim Policy, be the alternative if the new ordinance is not in place when the time-frame in the condition lapses. Bill Taylor seconded the motion. It passed 4-0, with Colin Fernie abstaining.

V. Adjourn